Curse of the Crimson Throne

Conquest of the Bloodsworn Vale

The vineyards were covered in blight when Margen and his Fellows returned from stopping the blood veil plague in Korvosa. After some investigation, it was decided that the best laid plan was to sit and wait to see if this strange magical phenomenon had a source.

The source turned out to be an elven shapeshifting druid named Leesa, who was hired by Lord Farima to hinder the vineyard. She was captured quickly and questioned. She had been hired by Lord Farima to blight the vineyard of Lady Serpentbloom. The pay was 200 gold, and influence in the parliament so she could support more sacred groves around Korvosa. The party made the same deal with her, but only if she restored the vineyard back, which she did so willingly.

Guaveh, with the rest of the party on his heel, then headed south to Lord Farima’s estate to take the group on the offensive. They were able to easily sneak into the estate, grab the unprepared Lord, and dragged him into the forest. The party then extorted the estate from him, and sent him back into the city.

The group then waited for more of Lady Serpentbloom’s staff to arrive, as they were short handed on guardsmen. Former Sable Company Marines arrived to take the place of Lord Farima’s guards. They mentioned to the party that the Sable Company had been disbanded.

A messenger from Lady Serpentbloom’s estate was dispatched to Lord Farima’s estate with the news that a Queen’s Inspector was there to inspect the accounting books. The Inspector was happy with what he found in the books, as long as when he returns the discrepancies were taken care of in Lady Serpentbloom’s estate.

The party decided to make for the city to discuss the situation with Lady Serpentbloom. When they arrived back in Korvosa, Field Marshall Kroft asked to speak with them. After settling accounts with Lady Serpentbloom, they answered Kroft’s summons.

Kroft explains that Commander of the Sable Company Marcus Endrin tried to assassinate the Queen. The crossbow bolt struck her right in the temple, but it bounced off of her from some unseen force. The Queen grabbed the bolt off the ground, ran down towards him in an instant, and shoved it into his shoulder. He then ordered the Grey Maidens to throw him in jail.

She mentioned that there may be a legal way to usurp the queen through legal channels, and that she was investigating it. She also suggested that the group go towards the Bloodsworn Vale and help Sir Gyrad Tolgrith cut a new trade route through towards the country of Nirmathas while she performs her research. The offer was for land, gold, and title.

The party agreed, and journeyed out to the Bloodsworn Vale. Sir Tolgrith was happy to meet them, and quickly ushered them out to a site where workers had been murdered. After the group investigated, they found a mysterious group of Rose Sprites, led by a fey known as the King of Roses. He was quickly dealt with, and work on the trade route continued.

The party returned to the fort and awaits further instructions from Sir Gyrad Tolgrith in helping to clear the Vale.

In The End May You Be Undead

Korvosa was under siege by a deadly plague known as the blood veil. All resources were on hand to deal with the task. Margen and his Fellows acted on some information given to them by the mad woman Jollistina and Field Marshall Cressida Kroft.

They infiltrated the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden, focused on discovering what Doctor Dauvalus and his Queen’s Physicians were actually doing. They discovered that they were not the benign group every thought. They were experimenting on Varisians, who seem to have developed an immunity to the first strain of the blood veil plague.

After calling for Kroft and clerics of the temple of Abadar, the group thought they had put a stop to the working of the city. Little did they know, a trip out to a shipwreck to negotiate with a sea hag would reveal something even worse.

Underneath the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden, a freshly build temple of Urgathoa had been erected. The group returned to the temple and slowly, room by room, dealt with the foul cult of undeath. They killed the Necromancer Rolth.

Margen and his fellows even assaulted the Nosferatu Ramoska Arkimonos, who was more than willing to negotiate with them. After some initial attacks, he offered to leave, more concerned about his research into curing vampirism than the plague itself. The party agreed to let him go, as long as he released Ruan, a young varisian piccolo player.

Finally, the party breached the inner chamber and struck down the Priestess of Urgathoa behind the foul plot. The Goddess Urgathoa was watching though, and at the moment Lady Andaisin was raised to undeath, becoming a daughter of the dreaded Plague Goddess. She did not prove up to the task of defeating Margen and his band, and now Urgathoa has set a watchful eye on the so called heroes of Korvosa.

Guaveh had enough information between Dr. Dauvalus’ notes to reasonable determine a cure with his alchemy skills, and he shared it with the city. While the group was in the temple, the Grey Maidens burned all the bridges to Old Korvosa and erected a barricade on the old bridge, cutting that section of the city off from the main land in an effort to stop the plague from spreading further.

Margen and his fellows were hailed as the heroes of Korvosa for destroying the cult of Urgathoa underneath the city. Tayce arranged a large feast in their honor. Cressida Kroft deputized the group as honorary members of the Korvosan Guard. Marcus Thallinus Endrin even personally thanked them on behalf of the city in a large ceremony.

Once the festivities were over, Margen and his Fellows did some shopping among the city, then returned to the vineyard. A vineyard which has been severely blighted.

Bring Out Your Dead

Margen and his Fellows decided to investigate Racker’s Alley. The reports were true; Plague cart workers were dumping bodies there. However, it hid an even darker discovery. Vampires from Ustalav were using the Alley for their own agenda. The party quickly dismantled the creatures, and sent them to burn in the sun.

The next point of business was to investigate Lavender’s to see if the shopkeeper Vendra was offering up the cure. Margen deftly stole a bottle of the supposed cure, but the true revelation of the substance was determined in the evening. Margen tailed a man from Vendra’s apartment to the river and back, watching him fill the barrel with water from the Jeggare River. This prompted Guaveh to take a closer look. He discovered as hidden lab in the apartment where no healing reagents were found. It was clearly a sham. They attempted to subdue Vendra, but failed, killing her outright. Her hired muscle quickly surrendered and told the Korvosan Guard all they knew. Kroft was disappointed that Vendra could not answer for her crimes, but paid Margen and his crew anyway.

Eries Yellow-eyes was pleasantly surprised when the heroes she had been looking for decided to stay at the Laughing Wave Inn for the night. She quickly met eyes with Margen, and asked him to help her handle a rogue wererat who was going to incite an attack on the city. Margen and his band handled it deftly, only putting down the fire brand Girrigz Ripperclaws and sparing his small band of followers. Eries was grateful to the party, and offered to share information with them. Several wererats saw a strange ship sailing into Jeggare River in the dead of night which was destroyed by a catapult of the Korvosan Guard. The wererats found strange coffers with 50 silver pieces and a dead rat which did not smell right. Eries pointed out the location where the vessel sunk to Margen and Bronwilde.

Guaveh and Koon met with a Varisian woman by the name of Deyanira who lost her brother Ruan. He was last seen attending a party at the Carowyn estate. The pair of Catfolk decided to take it upon themselves to investigate. They came to the estate in which they found a twisted scene of several zombies animated as if they were still at a party. The catfolk found Lord Carowyn hidden in the basement of the manor. He described a tale of horror about an elven woman dressed as a harlequin storming the mansion, firing crossbow bolts at people, causing them to break out into blood plague. The catfolk found and defeated the harlequin elf, but were unable to find the ocarina prodigy Ruan.

After the mansion was searched thoroughly, Margen and his band decided to interrogate the harlequin elf who gave her name as Jollistina. They learned that she is the unhinged sometimes lover of Rolth, and she was ordered to attack this house by him. She also gave information about how she kept a Varisian man alive at Rolth’s orders. Rolth and two Grey Maidens took him away to a hidden laboratory somewhere in the city.

Jollistina was brought to the Korvosan Guard, where she was locked away. She will eventually face her crimes of mass murder. The party relayed the information about the Grey Maidens to Field Marshall Kroft, and that caused her some concern. She mentioned casually to the party that the Plague Doctors are currently stationed at the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden.

Now, Margen and his Fellows plan to either investigate the shipwreck or the Hospice.

Seven Days to the Grave

Margen and his fellows met with Lady Serpentbloom immediately. They explained the situation, and decided to spend the night at her estate. However, before turning in for the night, certain members of the group decided to go out and about in the city, searching for information on the strage terra cotta warriors that have been attacking the estate.

Guaveh and Koon met with Tiora and the small group of children who they have legitimized with the Cerulean Society in Korvosa. Guaveh spent the evening with the lovely Tiora, while Koon taught the children how to work on their urban ranger skills.

Margen met with Field Marshall Kroft and Grau at Citadel Volsheneyek. They turned up very little information about the statues, but Margen learned of Grau’s sick niece. After Margen sent a message to Bronwilde, Margen and Grau journeyed to Trail’s End to check on the young stricken girl, and found Ishani Dhatri, a member of the Church of Abadar, boiling a kettle on the stove. After Grau brought his sister upstairs, Margen and Ishani discussed Brienna’s condition. Margen tried to heal her, but the curative magic had no effect.

A booming knock heralded the arrival of Bronwilde. He assessed the situation and determined that he could heal her, but not until the morning. Bronwilde and Margen retire for the evening, with Bronwilde promising to return once his spells are refreshed.
The next morning, Brienna was healed by the magic of Bronwilde. A grateful mother, Tayce, invited them all for a feast, which Margen and Bronwilde politely refused. They left to meet up with Guaveh, who was already scouting the south gate for any sign of the terra cotta soldiers.

It was there that Zellara appeared and gave her first reading of the Harrow cards. She deftly read them, as follows:

LG Card #1: The Vision. This card represents arcane knowledge. Some information you learned in the past will become useful to you.

NG Card #2: The Liar. Love has caused treachery. This card is unclear here.

CG Card #3: The Wanderer. You must find worth in cast-off things. The people of Korvosa show clear to me here.

LN Card #4: The Avalanche. There is an unrelenting, unthinking disaster. I see a plague.

N Card #5: The Teamster. There are hidden forces driving the plague.

CN Card #6: The Rabbit Prince in a position of great importance. It means that there will be some uncertainty in your upcoming conflicts.

LE Card #7: The Mute Hag appears again. Blood pacts and dark secrets continue to occur while you try to save the citizens of Korvosa.

NE Card #8: The Paladin misaligned. Standing fast is foolhardy. You must be proactive.

CE Card #9: The Rakshasa. No, it cannot be. I see Rakshasa here in Korvosa, hidden among the people of the city. They dominate and use mind control to secure their position.

After the Harrow reading, the group was summoned by Vencarlo Orisini, also known as the vigilante Blackjack, to help him smuggle Trinia Sabor out of the city. After devising a plan to sneak her out of the city, they executed it gracefully. Though, they noticed that the strange disease that Brienna Soldado contracted appears to be spreading.

Bronwilde shifted to a dolphin and helped a naked Trinia Sabor across the Jeggare River, while the rest of the group hightailed it over to the docks and purchased passage to meet up with the druid and Trinia Sabor. A glint of steel caught the party’s eye, and they found a strange pot that rattle with the clink of coins. The group decided to set that aside for later.

The party escorted Trinia out to a pair of horses hitched for her, and she continued on her way to Harse. Margen spent some time wooing her, but decided to not push her affections. The group turned back to the city, with a plan to turn over the strange jar to the Church of Abadar and then flee the disease.

They arrived at the Church to see a mob outside the gates. Clerics of Abadar did everything they could to hold back the mob, which was obviously mottled with red sores. The group mentioned Ishani’s name, and it was enough to get them inside. The worried priest explained what was happening in the city, and asked for an escort to Citadel Volsheneyek to start planning a way to stop the spread of this awful disease.

As they arrived at the Citadel Volsheneyek, the guard’s hurried them in to witness the Doctor and the Queen’s Physicians, wearing strange beak-like devices. Kroft introduced them, and then asked the party for help investigating a few problems: One being a woman selling a cure for the plague and the other being a dumping spot for Blood Veil plague victims. Margen and his fellows decided to investigate the cure.

A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

The hour was late when Margen and his fellows arrived at the Villa Zarios. The guards were surprised at their sudden arrival with a number of reformed brigands in tow. The guard woke Anton, who informed the party that a pair of Terra-Cotta Horsemen were terrorizing the garden. The party burst into action, and dealt with the issue. After a late meal, the group retired with the idea of solving the problems at Villa Zarios in the morning.

Guaveh started the review of the estate early, noticing that the staff was only working half-heartedly. He decided to spread some mischief, causing additional discontent. Mid-morning, Margen decided to review the books of the estate with Anton. Discrepancies were quickly found, leaving Anton stammering to find an excuse for them.

Braunwilde did a quick assessment of the fields, and determined that the grape vines were suffering due to poor irrigation and lack of maintenance. He tried to guide the workers through it, but they struggled with the instructions. Others appear to do exactly opposite of what was asked of them.

Margen spent additional time with the house staff, trying to raise their spirits. Guaveh snuck into Anton’s room, and found a map to a hidden cave in the wilderness. While the house staff’s attitudes improved, Margen tried to gain the affections of a young half elven serving girl for the night, but was politely re-buffed.

The group set out on the second day to the cave. Once they arrived, there was a small tribe of Ettin’s arguing amongst themselves. The group quickly moved on the offensive, but the Ettin’s were stronger than expected. After they were dealt with, Margen and his fellows explored the nearby cave. They discovered a stash of wine from the vineyard, apparently stored here for a rainy day.

After a return to the estate, it was determined that Anton had been the one causing problems. The party decided to take on the role of judge, jury, and executioner right then and there. The body was taken care of by the servants of the house.

A farmhand by the name of Therin was dispatched to tell Lady Serpentbloom of the vacancy of majordomo at the Villa Zarios on the morning of the third day. The party decided to spend more time around the house. Margen focused on increasing the efficiency of the farmhands working the fields. In the afternoon, shouts rang out from a distant field. Braunwilde arrived on the scene to find two bandits slain by teal lacquer painted archer statues hiding among the woods.

Margen and his Fellows then decided to track the statues back to their origin point. That lead the party back to the city of Korvosa. From here, they plan to talk to Lady Serpentbloom directly.

Grapes of Wrath

Margen and his fellows were hired by Lady Serpentbloom to help repair the failing vineyard known as Villa Zarios. She has introduced you to the majordomo of the house, but has installed the group as the Estate stewards. The group has prepared to take on this task, with the potential of receiving a cut of the vineyard profits from sales in Korvosa and beyond.

On the way to the vineyard, Margen and his fellows were beset by bandits. A well timed fireball sent the brigands fleeing, and most were cut down as they tried to run away. Only one man remained, by the name of Wheaton. After a sicken spell wore off, he told the party the location of the main stronghold through a charm spell. He was executed shortly after revealing the secrets of his gang.

The party decided to strike at the bandits now, before something suspicious happened. Anton took leave of the party to continue on to the vineyard. The party tracked down the bandits to their lair, an old Thassilonian ruin. They attempted to wear guise of the bandits to get themselves closer.

Margen, unable to disguise his height, was easily singled out for not being a member of the bandits. The bandits began their attack from a perch above the entrance. They were quickly dealt with, and the party entered into the bandit hideout. They found a great hall led by a Bandit King. Executing a perfect assassination thanks to the help of spider climb potions, Guaveh and Koon stood among the remaining bandits with the King’s head held high for everyone to see. The Lord-less bandits quickly went to their weapons, but a single fireball from Braunwilde reduced their number to nine.

After looting the camp, and getting the nine bandits to give up their life of crime, the party found a boarded over entrance to a deeper area of the Thassilonian ruin. After Braun went for a slide into the water, the party explored the area thoroughly, finding it to be the home of some derro and a pair of flesh golems. After dealing with these unruly creatures, they hauled out a store of treasure.

They arrive at Villa Zarios in the early morning hours, with their nine bandits in tow.

Edge of Anarchy
The Resuce of Trinia Sabor

After dealing with the haunting of the Jeggare family home, Margen and his Fellows learned of the execution of Trinia Sabor.  Field Marshall Cressida Kroft asked them to attend, where they rubbed shoulders with several of Korvosa's movers and shakers.

Margen exchanged some words with Lord Lyman Liongate, Lady Kolina Serpentbloom, and Kommandant Marcus Endrin.  Guavreh and Koon spent time with Lady Neanne Voidstone, who was mostly just full of gossip.  Braunwilde enjoyed himself among the wine and spirits at the event.

Trinia's execution commenced.  Guavreh decided to knock her out with drow poison, so that she could not feel the pain of the headsman's axe.  However, she was spared the headsman's axe by the timely arrival of Blackjack.  Margen and his Fellows worked covertly, slowing down pursuers and causing general chaos.  Blackjack threw Trinia over his shoulder, climbed the outer wall of the castle, and then leapt from the wall.

Korvosa continues it's descent into chaos…


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