Curse of the Crimson Throne

Bring Out Your Dead

Margen and his Fellows decided to investigate Racker’s Alley. The reports were true; Plague cart workers were dumping bodies there. However, it hid an even darker discovery. Vampires from Ustalav were using the Alley for their own agenda. The party quickly dismantled the creatures, and sent them to burn in the sun.

The next point of business was to investigate Lavender’s to see if the shopkeeper Vendra was offering up the cure. Margen deftly stole a bottle of the supposed cure, but the true revelation of the substance was determined in the evening. Margen tailed a man from Vendra’s apartment to the river and back, watching him fill the barrel with water from the Jeggare River. This prompted Guaveh to take a closer look. He discovered as hidden lab in the apartment where no healing reagents were found. It was clearly a sham. They attempted to subdue Vendra, but failed, killing her outright. Her hired muscle quickly surrendered and told the Korvosan Guard all they knew. Kroft was disappointed that Vendra could not answer for her crimes, but paid Margen and his crew anyway.

Eries Yellow-eyes was pleasantly surprised when the heroes she had been looking for decided to stay at the Laughing Wave Inn for the night. She quickly met eyes with Margen, and asked him to help her handle a rogue wererat who was going to incite an attack on the city. Margen and his band handled it deftly, only putting down the fire brand Girrigz Ripperclaws and sparing his small band of followers. Eries was grateful to the party, and offered to share information with them. Several wererats saw a strange ship sailing into Jeggare River in the dead of night which was destroyed by a catapult of the Korvosan Guard. The wererats found strange coffers with 50 silver pieces and a dead rat which did not smell right. Eries pointed out the location where the vessel sunk to Margen and Bronwilde.

Guaveh and Koon met with a Varisian woman by the name of Deyanira who lost her brother Ruan. He was last seen attending a party at the Carowyn estate. The pair of Catfolk decided to take it upon themselves to investigate. They came to the estate in which they found a twisted scene of several zombies animated as if they were still at a party. The catfolk found Lord Carowyn hidden in the basement of the manor. He described a tale of horror about an elven woman dressed as a harlequin storming the mansion, firing crossbow bolts at people, causing them to break out into blood plague. The catfolk found and defeated the harlequin elf, but were unable to find the ocarina prodigy Ruan.

After the mansion was searched thoroughly, Margen and his band decided to interrogate the harlequin elf who gave her name as Jollistina. They learned that she is the unhinged sometimes lover of Rolth, and she was ordered to attack this house by him. She also gave information about how she kept a Varisian man alive at Rolth’s orders. Rolth and two Grey Maidens took him away to a hidden laboratory somewhere in the city.

Jollistina was brought to the Korvosan Guard, where she was locked away. She will eventually face her crimes of mass murder. The party relayed the information about the Grey Maidens to Field Marshall Kroft, and that caused her some concern. She mentioned casually to the party that the Plague Doctors are currently stationed at the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden.

Now, Margen and his Fellows plan to either investigate the shipwreck or the Hospice.



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