Curse of the Crimson Throne

Conquest of the Bloodsworn Vale

The vineyards were covered in blight when Margen and his Fellows returned from stopping the blood veil plague in Korvosa. After some investigation, it was decided that the best laid plan was to sit and wait to see if this strange magical phenomenon had a source.

The source turned out to be an elven shapeshifting druid named Leesa, who was hired by Lord Farima to hinder the vineyard. She was captured quickly and questioned. She had been hired by Lord Farima to blight the vineyard of Lady Serpentbloom. The pay was 200 gold, and influence in the parliament so she could support more sacred groves around Korvosa. The party made the same deal with her, but only if she restored the vineyard back, which she did so willingly.

Guaveh, with the rest of the party on his heel, then headed south to Lord Farima’s estate to take the group on the offensive. They were able to easily sneak into the estate, grab the unprepared Lord, and dragged him into the forest. The party then extorted the estate from him, and sent him back into the city.

The group then waited for more of Lady Serpentbloom’s staff to arrive, as they were short handed on guardsmen. Former Sable Company Marines arrived to take the place of Lord Farima’s guards. They mentioned to the party that the Sable Company had been disbanded.

A messenger from Lady Serpentbloom’s estate was dispatched to Lord Farima’s estate with the news that a Queen’s Inspector was there to inspect the accounting books. The Inspector was happy with what he found in the books, as long as when he returns the discrepancies were taken care of in Lady Serpentbloom’s estate.

The party decided to make for the city to discuss the situation with Lady Serpentbloom. When they arrived back in Korvosa, Field Marshall Kroft asked to speak with them. After settling accounts with Lady Serpentbloom, they answered Kroft’s summons.

Kroft explains that Commander of the Sable Company Marcus Endrin tried to assassinate the Queen. The crossbow bolt struck her right in the temple, but it bounced off of her from some unseen force. The Queen grabbed the bolt off the ground, ran down towards him in an instant, and shoved it into his shoulder. He then ordered the Grey Maidens to throw him in jail.

She mentioned that there may be a legal way to usurp the queen through legal channels, and that she was investigating it. She also suggested that the group go towards the Bloodsworn Vale and help Sir Gyrad Tolgrith cut a new trade route through towards the country of Nirmathas while she performs her research. The offer was for land, gold, and title.

The party agreed, and journeyed out to the Bloodsworn Vale. Sir Tolgrith was happy to meet them, and quickly ushered them out to a site where workers had been murdered. After the group investigated, they found a mysterious group of Rose Sprites, led by a fey known as the King of Roses. He was quickly dealt with, and work on the trade route continued.

The party returned to the fort and awaits further instructions from Sir Gyrad Tolgrith in helping to clear the Vale.



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