Curse of the Crimson Throne

Edge of Anarchy

The Resuce of Trinia Sabor

After dealing with the haunting of the Jeggare family home, Margen and his Fellows learned of the execution of Trinia Sabor.  Field Marshall Cressida Kroft asked them to attend, where they rubbed shoulders with several of Korvosa's movers and shakers.

Margen exchanged some words with Lord Lyman Liongate, Lady Kolina Serpentbloom, and Kommandant Marcus Endrin.  Guavreh and Koon spent time with Lady Neanne Voidstone, who was mostly just full of gossip.  Braunwilde enjoyed himself among the wine and spirits at the event.

Trinia's execution commenced.  Guavreh decided to knock her out with drow poison, so that she could not feel the pain of the headsman's axe.  However, she was spared the headsman's axe by the timely arrival of Blackjack.  Margen and his Fellows worked covertly, slowing down pursuers and causing general chaos.  Blackjack threw Trinia over his shoulder, climbed the outer wall of the castle, and then leapt from the wall.

Korvosa continues it's descent into chaos…



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