Curse of the Crimson Throne

Grapes of Wrath

Margen and his fellows were hired by Lady Serpentbloom to help repair the failing vineyard known as Villa Zarios. She has introduced you to the majordomo of the house, but has installed the group as the Estate stewards. The group has prepared to take on this task, with the potential of receiving a cut of the vineyard profits from sales in Korvosa and beyond.

On the way to the vineyard, Margen and his fellows were beset by bandits. A well timed fireball sent the brigands fleeing, and most were cut down as they tried to run away. Only one man remained, by the name of Wheaton. After a sicken spell wore off, he told the party the location of the main stronghold through a charm spell. He was executed shortly after revealing the secrets of his gang.

The party decided to strike at the bandits now, before something suspicious happened. Anton took leave of the party to continue on to the vineyard. The party tracked down the bandits to their lair, an old Thassilonian ruin. They attempted to wear guise of the bandits to get themselves closer.

Margen, unable to disguise his height, was easily singled out for not being a member of the bandits. The bandits began their attack from a perch above the entrance. They were quickly dealt with, and the party entered into the bandit hideout. They found a great hall led by a Bandit King. Executing a perfect assassination thanks to the help of spider climb potions, Guaveh and Koon stood among the remaining bandits with the King’s head held high for everyone to see. The Lord-less bandits quickly went to their weapons, but a single fireball from Braunwilde reduced their number to nine.

After looting the camp, and getting the nine bandits to give up their life of crime, the party found a boarded over entrance to a deeper area of the Thassilonian ruin. After Braun went for a slide into the water, the party explored the area thoroughly, finding it to be the home of some derro and a pair of flesh golems. After dealing with these unruly creatures, they hauled out a store of treasure.

They arrive at Villa Zarios in the early morning hours, with their nine bandits in tow.



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