Curse of the Crimson Throne

Seven Days to the Grave

Margen and his fellows met with Lady Serpentbloom immediately. They explained the situation, and decided to spend the night at her estate. However, before turning in for the night, certain members of the group decided to go out and about in the city, searching for information on the strage terra cotta warriors that have been attacking the estate.

Guaveh and Koon met with Tiora and the small group of children who they have legitimized with the Cerulean Society in Korvosa. Guaveh spent the evening with the lovely Tiora, while Koon taught the children how to work on their urban ranger skills.

Margen met with Field Marshall Kroft and Grau at Citadel Volsheneyek. They turned up very little information about the statues, but Margen learned of Grau’s sick niece. After Margen sent a message to Bronwilde, Margen and Grau journeyed to Trail’s End to check on the young stricken girl, and found Ishani Dhatri, a member of the Church of Abadar, boiling a kettle on the stove. After Grau brought his sister upstairs, Margen and Ishani discussed Brienna’s condition. Margen tried to heal her, but the curative magic had no effect.

A booming knock heralded the arrival of Bronwilde. He assessed the situation and determined that he could heal her, but not until the morning. Bronwilde and Margen retire for the evening, with Bronwilde promising to return once his spells are refreshed.
The next morning, Brienna was healed by the magic of Bronwilde. A grateful mother, Tayce, invited them all for a feast, which Margen and Bronwilde politely refused. They left to meet up with Guaveh, who was already scouting the south gate for any sign of the terra cotta soldiers.

It was there that Zellara appeared and gave her first reading of the Harrow cards. She deftly read them, as follows:

LG Card #1: The Vision. This card represents arcane knowledge. Some information you learned in the past will become useful to you.

NG Card #2: The Liar. Love has caused treachery. This card is unclear here.

CG Card #3: The Wanderer. You must find worth in cast-off things. The people of Korvosa show clear to me here.

LN Card #4: The Avalanche. There is an unrelenting, unthinking disaster. I see a plague.

N Card #5: The Teamster. There are hidden forces driving the plague.

CN Card #6: The Rabbit Prince in a position of great importance. It means that there will be some uncertainty in your upcoming conflicts.

LE Card #7: The Mute Hag appears again. Blood pacts and dark secrets continue to occur while you try to save the citizens of Korvosa.

NE Card #8: The Paladin misaligned. Standing fast is foolhardy. You must be proactive.

CE Card #9: The Rakshasa. No, it cannot be. I see Rakshasa here in Korvosa, hidden among the people of the city. They dominate and use mind control to secure their position.

After the Harrow reading, the group was summoned by Vencarlo Orisini, also known as the vigilante Blackjack, to help him smuggle Trinia Sabor out of the city. After devising a plan to sneak her out of the city, they executed it gracefully. Though, they noticed that the strange disease that Brienna Soldado contracted appears to be spreading.

Bronwilde shifted to a dolphin and helped a naked Trinia Sabor across the Jeggare River, while the rest of the group hightailed it over to the docks and purchased passage to meet up with the druid and Trinia Sabor. A glint of steel caught the party’s eye, and they found a strange pot that rattle with the clink of coins. The group decided to set that aside for later.

The party escorted Trinia out to a pair of horses hitched for her, and she continued on her way to Harse. Margen spent some time wooing her, but decided to not push her affections. The group turned back to the city, with a plan to turn over the strange jar to the Church of Abadar and then flee the disease.

They arrived at the Church to see a mob outside the gates. Clerics of Abadar did everything they could to hold back the mob, which was obviously mottled with red sores. The group mentioned Ishani’s name, and it was enough to get them inside. The worried priest explained what was happening in the city, and asked for an escort to Citadel Volsheneyek to start planning a way to stop the spread of this awful disease.

As they arrived at the Citadel Volsheneyek, the guard’s hurried them in to witness the Doctor and the Queen’s Physicians, wearing strange beak-like devices. Kroft introduced them, and then asked the party for help investigating a few problems: One being a woman selling a cure for the plague and the other being a dumping spot for Blood Veil plague victims. Margen and his fellows decided to investigate the cure.


Missed the part where we convinced her to get naked and “ride the dolphin” to escape. You’re welcome Bronwilde!

Seven Days to the Grave

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