Tall imposing figure in hunting clothes


Bronwilde stands tall, piercing eyes drilling into you, daring you to violence. Suddenly, his hands fill with a massive earthbreaker and he explodes into snarling violence, magic and spittle flying with equal abandon.

Bronwilde was born in a barbarian tribe, far north of Korvosa. The tribe was almost constantly at war with the neighboring tribes, and from an early age he was pressed into battle, resulting in a very disfigured face and tattered ear, but no physical impairments. When he was 12, the tribe was involved in an epic battle, where Bronwilde’s parents and younger brother were killed. His grandparents had died earlier, so with no family left Bronwilde chose to leave the tribe and journey to the city of Korvosa. Tribal leaders spoke of it in whispers as a strange place where a man’s strength and ability to defend himself and his kin was looked down upon, but Bronwilde thought that a place where violence was shunned sounded preferable to a life of constant fighting. On the way to Korvosa, Bronwilde chanced upon some barbarians attacking a seemingly frail old man. Bronwilde jumped to the old man’s aid, facing off against 4 charging barbarians, but narrowly missed being incinerated by a fireball. The barbarians were badly burned but kept coming, after Bronwilde dispatched two of them easily with his large hammer the other two retreated. In gratitude for coming to his aid, the old druid brought Bronwilde back to his small home and trained him in the art of natural fire magic. Bronwilde stayed with the old druid for two years, doing much of the grunt work of maintaining the home in exchange for learning the ways of the forest and the ways of fire. As Bron’s abilities began to develop on their own another strong young man came to the druid desiring schooling, and Bronwilde decided to continue his journey to Korvosa. He reached Korvosa and found it to be an almost overwhelming sea of humanity. He found work as a dock hand where his strength was a great asset. He went to the bar with a few of the other doc hands to relax and socialize.


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