Dr. Reiner Davaulus


Dr. Reiner Davaulus has been appointed to head Korvosa’s efforts to combat the Blood Veil plague is preying upon the city.

Dr. Davaulus is a Chelaxian gentleman in his mid-40s, usually wearing a simple black overcoat and clasping his doctor’s case. He had short dark hair, with streaks of white gracing the sides.
The doctor is calm, polite and deliberate in his speech and conducts himself like a concerned father, seemed to take genuine interest in assuaging the concerns and maladies of those around him. He claims to have served Queen Ileosa’s family in Egorian, the capital of Cheliax, for many years.

The story he tells about himself was that when the Queen contacted him after the plague hit, begging for his assistance on her city’s behalf, he couldn’t refuse. After accepting her gracious offer of magical transport to Korvosa, he has spent his time assembling a group of the city’s most talented healers to help stem the tide of the spreading plague. In all cases, he speaks highly of the queen and her attentiveness to her city’s needs.

Dr. Reiner Davaulus

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