Catfolk Rogue


This black furred cat stands 5’6" and is whip thin. He exudes a sense of restrained violence and danger. A pair of mat-black kukris are gripped low as he crouches slightly, prepared for combat. He wears dark clothing and boots; a strange bug mask obscures his features, and a well worn bandolier completes his outfit.


Guaveh (spoken with a guttural growl) is a catfolk from a poor section of the city. [Unknown to him, his parents were the respected leaders of their clan when disaster struck (flood, blight, drought) and they led their people to the city to try and survive. At the point that Guaveh came along, they did not wield the respect they once did and had basically given up trying to lead their people. Most of the clan had moved away seeking work and fortune. Those that remained, while friendly, didn’t see them as leaders.] He has some magical affinity and was discovered by a wizard to be an apprentice, but he was bored and his magic wasn’t taught, but part of his blood. Seeing how restless his new apprentice was, Master Bastile (the Binder) sent the young rascal out into the world to get more of a taste, hoping that he would return to take up the studied arts. Having grown fond of him, he gave Guaveh a Mithril chain shirt that he had in his armory and told him to stay safe. Free of the stuffy life of academia, Guaveh has hopes to emulate shadow hero, Alex Jax, he discovered in the library when he was supposed to be studying.


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