Urban Ranger Slayer


This black furred catfolk stands with twin swords belted at his waist. He crouches slightly and eyes his target before circling it for the kill. He has spent all his life cleaning up the fights that his cousin Gauveh gets into due to his antics. Happy to sneak around obstacles, he doesn’t hesitate to go toe to toe with them either, his twin blades slicing opponents to ribbons.


Koon had a carefree childhood, running the streets of Korvoso with his cousin, Guaveh. They excelled at getting in and out of trouble. When Gueveh went to magic college, Koon settled down to learning himself. His days were spent learning blades and some of the dirtier tricks of civilization, and he mastered the art of wielding two blades and the same time. He also discovered that all the catfolk community had something to learn from, and he threw himself into that learning.


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