Trinia Sabor



Trinia Sabor is a pleasing woman to look at with her big blue eyes and short blonde hair.


This pretty young painter is a rising star in Korvosa’s thriving artistic community. While her innocent eyes, lithe frame and golden hair attract much attention, there is no doubt that her artistic talent is real. Trinia has recently come to the attention of King Eodred’s chamberlain, who has engaged her to paint the monarch’s portrait. Some said that King Eodred is sickly; perhaps time spent in Trinia’s company will lift his spirits.

She is friendly and not very good with money, squandering it with ease. She is a student at the University of Korvosa where she is studying art and is a painter. She is wanted by Queen Ileosa for murder of the King, as she spent a lot of time with him before he passed on.

Trinia narrowly escaped her own execution thanks to Blackjack, but she recalls none of it, as she was unconscious.

Trinia Sabor

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