Tag: Adversary


  • Lady Malena Merrosett

    Lady Merrosett was exiled from her family home in Taldor, after betraying her husband's dabbling with infernal powers. Her son found out about her deception and told her to leave the country and to never return. She found herself pregnant with a second …

  • Lord Brillman Rosehelm

    The head of the Rosehelm house, he moved his family here from Cheliax. He and his family have recently disappeared. They may have been caught by the Cerulean Society trying to cut into the Korvosan drug trade.

  • Rolth

    A notorious necromancer and one of the most wanted men in Korvosa, he was believed to have stolen the body of Thousand Bones' grandson. The party found and destroyed his lab in the Dead Warrens and retrieved the Shoanti boy’s body, …

  • Jollistina Susperio

    She has been revealed to be the some times lover of the Necromancer Rolth, and is quite the masochist. She is known for murdering several guests at the Carowyn manor and animating their bodies in a twisted display of a masquerade party. She is currently …