Tag: Ally


  • Lord Lyman Liongate

    He is a retired Paladin of Abadar, who led an adventurous life. He left when he was young and moved to Korvosa. He did not trust in the Hellknights and disliked their methods from what he remembered in Cheliax. He created and lead his own order of …

  • Vencarlo Orisini

    Once the head of a famous and popular dueling academy, he spends his middle years as a flirt. This hides a dual identity of Blackjack, hero of Korvosa.

  • Trinia Sabor

    This pretty young painter is a rising star in Korvosa's thriving artistic community. While her innocent eyes, lithe frame and golden hair attract much attention, there is no doubt that her artistic talent is real. Trinia has recently come to the attention …

  • Lord Aussio Carowyn

    Lord Aussio is a 50 year old man, who is focused on running his business and making money, and spending it on lavish parties.  He is married to Olauren Carowyn. He has been broken by Jollistina Susperio, and is currently with the church trying to …

  • Grau

    A Korvosan Guardsman who is fond of his drink.  He was once a student of Vencarlo's but fell in love with a woman named Sabina.  He mistakes Guavreh for his old friend Neffi from Sandpoint.

  • The Fishery Orphans

    A group of orphans who were rescuded from the cruel cluthes of the late Gaedran Lamm.  They currently have stopped the slurry operation, and are surviving by pick pocketing as they need coin for food and other items.

  • Eries Yellow-Eyes

    Eries Yellow-Eyes is one of the oldest Lycantrhopes in Korvosa, with 50 summers behind her. She is focused on protecting her kind from any sort of rat purges above, even if that means putting down rogue elements among her own rank. She approached Margen …