Tag: Commoner


  • Trinia Sabor

    This pretty young painter is a rising star in Korvosa's thriving artistic community. While her innocent eyes, lithe frame and golden hair attract much attention, there is no doubt that her artistic talent is real. Trinia has recently come to the attention …

  • Sabina Merrin

    Sabina is the royal guard to Queen Ileosa.  She is rarely far from the Queen's side.  Se was originally a student of Vencarlo Orisini.

  • Zellara

    Zellara is a Varisian woman who died at the hands of Gaedren Lamm.  The circumstances of her death allow her to manifest herself as a benevolent ghost capable of harrow readings.  She offers Harrow Readings to the PC's regularly.

  • Devargo Barvasi

    Devargo Barvasi, also known as the King of Spiders, is a crimelord who runs a gambling house, brothel, and drug den known as Eel's End in the Old Korvosa district.   Known for the ability to control spiders.

  • Thousand Bones

    Wise old Shaman who wises for peace between the Shoanti and the Korvosans.  He is thankful that Margen and his band was able to return his grandson back from the foul Necromancer Rolth.

  • Rolth

    A notorious necromancer and one of the most wanted men in Korvosa, he was believed to have stolen the body of Thousand Bones' grandson. The party found and destroyed his lab in the Dead Warrens and retrieved the Shoanti boy’s body, …

  • Tiora

    Pickpocketing is what drew Rolth‘s attention in the first place. Never having imagined she would get a second chance, she is grateful to Margen and his fellows.

  • The Fishery Orphans

    A group of orphans who were rescuded from the cruel cluthes of the late Gaedran Lamm.  They currently have stopped the slurry operation, and are surviving by pick pocketing as they need coin for food and other items.

  • Leesa

    Leesa took to her craft at an early age. She loved nature, and hopes to bend the queen's ear on extending the queen's law on sacred groves.

  • Inspector Cardoni

    An Inspector in the Queen's service. He is focused on making sure that the taxes get paid to the Korvosan crown.

  • Jollistina Susperio

    She has been revealed to be the some times lover of the Necromancer Rolth, and is quite the masochist. She is known for murdering several guests at the Carowyn manor and animating their bodies in a twisted display of a masquerade party. She is currently …

  • Eries Yellow-Eyes

    Eries Yellow-Eyes is one of the oldest Lycantrhopes in Korvosa, with 50 summers behind her. She is focused on protecting her kind from any sort of rat purges above, even if that means putting down rogue elements among her own rank. She approached Margen …