Tag: Nobility


  • Queen Ileosa

    Ileosa Arbasti was born Ileosa Arvanxi to one of Cheliax's most powerful families in Westcrown. Instead of marrying a wealthy Chelish nobleman, as was expected of her, she rejected her family's authority and moved to Korvosa, scandalizing her family by …

  • King Eodred Arabasti II

    The son of Queen Domina, Eodred was born Arkapallus Arabasti, but took the name of the popular king Eodred Arabasti I in the hopes of riding the coattails of his namesake's successes. His reign was steady if unexceptional, and he was known for having a …

  • Lady Malena Merrosett

    Lady Merrosett was exiled from her family home in Taldor, after betraying her husband's dabbling with infernal powers. Her son found out about her deception and told her to leave the country and to never return. She found herself pregnant with a second …

  • Lord Lyman Liongate

    He is a retired Paladin of Abadar, who led an adventurous life. He left when he was young and moved to Korvosa. He did not trust in the Hellknights and disliked their methods from what he remembered in Cheliax. He created and lead his own order of …

  • Lady Nysneirdre Liongate

    The daughter of Lyman Liongate, she is focused on charity and gaining popularity with the people of Korvosa. She spends her time bring toys to orphanages, and handing out food to the poor.

  • Lady Neanne Voidstone

    She is a free spirit, not really caring about the nobility, but enjoys rubbing elbows with society's elite. Her parents are mostly focused on the school, so they do not really get involved.

  • Lady Kolina Serpentbloom

    Lady Kolina Serpentbloom luckily married her small dock-family into the Serpentbloom House from Cheliax. This caused a very easy life for her though her husband as been hard to love. Recently, she has learned of her husband's dalliances with Lady …

  • Ser Jolan Serpentbloom

    Jolan spends the majority of his time looking for trouble and parties. His mother looks down on his adventures, but plans to bring him into line now that his father is out of the picture.

  • Lord Brillman Rosehelm

    The head of the Rosehelm house, he moved his family here from Cheliax. He and his family have recently disappeared. They may have been caught by the Cerulean Society trying to cut into the Korvosan drug trade.

  • Lord Leif Knottley

    Focused on his griffon riders, trying to show that their ferocity is more suited to work for the Korvosan's marines. He has a small regiment of Griffon Riders to show off their benefits.

  • Vencarlo Orisini

    Once the head of a famous and popular dueling academy, he spends his middle years as a flirt. This hides a dual identity of Blackjack, hero of Korvosa.

  • Lord Aussio Carowyn

    Lord Aussio is a 50 year old man, who is focused on running his business and making money, and spending it on lavish parties.  He is married to Olauren Carowyn. He has been broken by Jollistina Susperio, and is currently with the church trying to …

  • Lady Olauren Carowyn

    Lady Olauren is a whimsical woman who focuses on living the life and spending the family's well earned coin.  She enjoys a good party, and loves a good time. She was slain by Jollistina Susperio.

  • Lord Glorio Arkona

    The current Lord Arkona breaks somewhat from the tradition of his forebears. Unlike every previous Lord Arkona, Glorio leaves the dark walls of Arkona Manor to attend various social functions. He frequently walks through Old Korvosa(surrounded by …

  • Lady Melyia Arkona

    Melyia Arkona is a stunningly beautiful noble woman in her mid-twenties. She is the purported lover of her cousin Glorio Arkona and known as a patron of art and litterature.

  • Vor'skel Jeggare

    The head of the Jeggare family in Korvosa, who has recently returned from Cheliax.  He is  ready to throw coin around to get what he needs.