Melee Critical Fail Table

1    Stupid

2    Up End

3    Hurl Weapon (Up End)

4-5    Throw Weapon (Fall Down)

6-8    Toss Weapon (Fall Down)

9-11    Drop Weapon (Off Balance)

12-14    Fall Down

15-19    Off Balance

20    Near Miss


Stupid –    Roll Damage as normal, now apply it to yourself.


Up End –    With a spectacular swing, you crash to the ground and

   take 1d6 stun damage.  Also, you spend the entire

   next round getting back to your feet.  (minimum of

   a move equivalent next round before doing anything)

   -4 AC for the remainder of this round and next round

   while you recover yourself.  Only Natural 20 succeeds

   for a reflex save.


Hurl Weapon –    Losing your grip, you send your weapon flying through the air.

   1d8 scatter, 10 + 3d6 feet


Throw Weapon –    You throw your weapon: 1d8 scatter, 3d6 feet


Toss Weapon –    Tossing your weapon is only effective if you control where it

   goes.  1d8 scatter, 2d6 ft


Drop Weapon –    Wow, too heavy for you?  Its at your feet now.  Attack of

   Opportunity to retrieve.


Fall Down –    You fall down: 1d6 –     1-2 1d8 Adjacent Square (AoO from falling)

   3-4 Same Square (AoO from falling)

   5-6 Same Square (no AoO from falling)


Off Balance –    -2 AC, -2 Reflex saves, Considered flat-footed.

Near Miss –    Wow, that almost hit.  (no penalties)

Melee Critical Fail Table

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