Ranged Critical Fail Table

1    Snarled Weapon(Crossbow)  Smack self (Bow)     (Launch)

2    Random Target    

3    Deviate   

4-5    Launch    (Lost – Search 25)

6-8    String Breaks    (Lost – Search 20)

9-11    String Breaks    (Lost – Search 15)

12-14    String Breaks    (Lost – Search 10)

15-19    String Breaks     (Off Balance)

20    Near Miss


Snarled –    The string/mechanism gets tangled up when it breaks.

   Takes 1d6 minutes to undo and restring (provided you

   have an extra string.


Smack Self – Rease bow instead of string, do 1d6 dmg, stunned for that many rounds.


Launch –    You heave your weapon into next week.  Multiply your strength

   by the max range of your weapon.  That is the search DC

   to find it (modified by circumstances)  This search

   takes an hour.


Random –    Randomly pick a target adjacent to intended target.  Reroll

   attack against that target.


Deviate –    For every range increment away the target was, deviate left

   or right by 5ft.  If there is a target along that

   line, make an attack roll against that target.


Lost –    Weapon is lost.  You get one search check against the DC to

   find your weapon.  This search takes 10 minutes, -2

   rounds per point that your search exceeds the DC.  

   ie. DC 10, you get a 15, it would only take 9 minutes

   to find your missing weapon.


String Breaks –    The string of the weapon breaks, full-round action to

   restring it, provided you have an extra string.


Off Balance –    -2 AC, -2 Reflex saves, Considered flat-footed.


Near Miss –    Wow, that almost hit.  (no penalties)

Ranged Critical Fail Table

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