Curse of the Crimson Throne

A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

The hour was late when Margen and his fellows arrived at the Villa Zarios. The guards were surprised at their sudden arrival with a number of reformed brigands in tow. The guard woke Anton, who informed the party that a pair of Terra-Cotta Horsemen were terrorizing the garden. The party burst into action, and dealt with the issue. After a late meal, the group retired with the idea of solving the problems at Villa Zarios in the morning.

Guaveh started the review of the estate early, noticing that the staff was only working half-heartedly. He decided to spread some mischief, causing additional discontent. Mid-morning, Margen decided to review the books of the estate with Anton. Discrepancies were quickly found, leaving Anton stammering to find an excuse for them.

Braunwilde did a quick assessment of the fields, and determined that the grape vines were suffering due to poor irrigation and lack of maintenance. He tried to guide the workers through it, but they struggled with the instructions. Others appear to do exactly opposite of what was asked of them.

Margen spent additional time with the house staff, trying to raise their spirits. Guaveh snuck into Anton’s room, and found a map to a hidden cave in the wilderness. While the house staff’s attitudes improved, Margen tried to gain the affections of a young half elven serving girl for the night, but was politely re-buffed.

The group set out on the second day to the cave. Once they arrived, there was a small tribe of Ettin’s arguing amongst themselves. The group quickly moved on the offensive, but the Ettin’s were stronger than expected. After they were dealt with, Margen and his fellows explored the nearby cave. They discovered a stash of wine from the vineyard, apparently stored here for a rainy day.

After a return to the estate, it was determined that Anton had been the one causing problems. The party decided to take on the role of judge, jury, and executioner right then and there. The body was taken care of by the servants of the house.

A farmhand by the name of Therin was dispatched to tell Lady Serpentbloom of the vacancy of majordomo at the Villa Zarios on the morning of the third day. The party decided to spend more time around the house. Margen focused on increasing the efficiency of the farmhands working the fields. In the afternoon, shouts rang out from a distant field. Braunwilde arrived on the scene to find two bandits slain by teal lacquer painted archer statues hiding among the woods.

Margen and his Fellows then decided to track the statues back to their origin point. That lead the party back to the city of Korvosa. From here, they plan to talk to Lady Serpentbloom directly.



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