Curse of the Crimson Throne

In The End May You Be Undead

Korvosa was under siege by a deadly plague known as the blood veil. All resources were on hand to deal with the task. Margen and his Fellows acted on some information given to them by the mad woman Jollistina and Field Marshall Cressida Kroft.

They infiltrated the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden, focused on discovering what Doctor Dauvalus and his Queen’s Physicians were actually doing. They discovered that they were not the benign group every thought. They were experimenting on Varisians, who seem to have developed an immunity to the first strain of the blood veil plague.

After calling for Kroft and clerics of the temple of Abadar, the group thought they had put a stop to the working of the city. Little did they know, a trip out to a shipwreck to negotiate with a sea hag would reveal something even worse.

Underneath the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden, a freshly build temple of Urgathoa had been erected. The group returned to the temple and slowly, room by room, dealt with the foul cult of undeath. They killed the Necromancer Rolth.

Margen and his fellows even assaulted the Nosferatu Ramoska Arkimonos, who was more than willing to negotiate with them. After some initial attacks, he offered to leave, more concerned about his research into curing vampirism than the plague itself. The party agreed to let him go, as long as he released Ruan, a young varisian piccolo player.

Finally, the party breached the inner chamber and struck down the Priestess of Urgathoa behind the foul plot. The Goddess Urgathoa was watching though, and at the moment Lady Andaisin was raised to undeath, becoming a daughter of the dreaded Plague Goddess. She did not prove up to the task of defeating Margen and his band, and now Urgathoa has set a watchful eye on the so called heroes of Korvosa.

Guaveh had enough information between Dr. Dauvalus’ notes to reasonable determine a cure with his alchemy skills, and he shared it with the city. While the group was in the temple, the Grey Maidens burned all the bridges to Old Korvosa and erected a barricade on the old bridge, cutting that section of the city off from the main land in an effort to stop the plague from spreading further.

Margen and his fellows were hailed as the heroes of Korvosa for destroying the cult of Urgathoa underneath the city. Tayce arranged a large feast in their honor. Cressida Kroft deputized the group as honorary members of the Korvosan Guard. Marcus Thallinus Endrin even personally thanked them on behalf of the city in a large ceremony.

Once the festivities were over, Margen and his Fellows did some shopping among the city, then returned to the vineyard. A vineyard which has been severely blighted.


Damnit, there goes our income!

In The End May You Be Undead

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