Lord Margen Shortankerd, Hero of Korvosa, Knight of the Bloodsworn Vale

Halfling Bard with a Quick Hand


Margen is a short halfling with light skin, brown hair and green eyes. He has a quick wit and a charming smile. Margen’s reputation as a premier singer is growing. He can be found in various Inns and Taverns around Korvosa singing to earn gold and the hearts of the fairer sex.


Margen was born in a town in the Ashwood. From an early age he showed a talent for singing. His father died when he was young and was raised from then by his mother. She was a seamstress and tailor. Margen used that talent around the town and the surrounding village to make some extra money. When he was a teenager his mom went out to deliver a dress to a client. When she did not come home, Margen went out looking for her. After hours of searching, he found her body in an alley of a side street in the wealthy district. When he found her the dress and her coin purse were gone, as was the ring Margen’s father gave her. What killed her was, and is, a mystery. Margen is sure that she was that she was murdered. He later found the ring at a pawnbroker in a city farther away. He couldn’t afford to buy it back then, but the man gave Margen a name and a description of the person he bought it from. Margen headed out to Korvosa looking for that person.

On his way to Korvosa Margen met a traveling tinkerer. He saved Margen from some highwaymen attempting to rob him on the road. He killed one and drove the others off with a long metal stick that made a thunderous noise. They then traveled towards Korvosa together. On that trip the tinkerer taught him how to use the musket and over time Margen built his own pistol to keep him safe as he continued his travels.

Margen has been in Korvosa for about two years, supporting himself by singing in inns, taverns and anywhere else that will pay him. During that time he met two catfolk while performing at the Shoreline Drink Hall. Since then they have continued keeping each other’s company and keeping each other out of trouble…sometimes.

When Korvosa began to burn Margen and his friends got drawn into the intrigue and infighting. They are now trying to keep themselves out the mess. Making friends and enemies along the way.

Lord Margen Shortankerd, Hero of Korvosa, Knight of the Bloodsworn Vale

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